Hey! Pikmin

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Hey! Pikmin consists of main character Captain Olimar leading a group of Pikmin through 2D levels while collecting items that contain "sparklium", the main source of fuel for Olimar's ship. Unlike other games of the Pikmin series, players do not choose what Pikmin to bring into levels. Instead, players enter a level and use whatever Pikmin they find while exploring. Olimar is able to swim and use a jetpack to reach new areas. Winged Pikmin are able to carry Olimar while flying. Olimar is incapable of attacking on his own, instead relying on the Pikmin for defense. As players continue to collect more sparklium, Olimar is able to upgrade his space suit's capabilities such as the amount of fuel the jetpack has or the amount of hits it can take.

After clearing a level, all recruited Pikmin are taken to the Pikmin Park, an area where Pikmin can be sent to look for more objects with sparklium. By finding colored pellets, the amount of Pikmin in the park can be increased. After clearing a section of the Pikmin Park, more sections open up for the Pikmin to explore. The game is compatible with every Amiibo released before the game's launch, which provide a variety of in-game bonuses. A Pikmin-themed Amiibo was also released at launch.


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