Catz 2

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Catz 2 is the sequel to the Nintendo DS Catz, a title of the Nintendo DS Petz series.

Most of the gameplay of the previous game, which is usual in the series, is kept. Choosing from 10 different cat breeds (plus three exotic ones locked at the beginning), the game tasks consists of care-taking and playing with the cats. The player has to feed, keep clean and cure his/her pet, but also play with it using different toys, make it wear costumes and take photos of the kitten.

But Catz 2 adds a new goal system based on "Ribbonz". Every time a first-time task or a proposed challenge is fulfilled a new ribbon is awarded. This will traduce either on real life cat caring tips and facts or on unlocking of new tasks and items. Other new features of the second Catz game are the Playroom and the thought bubbles, that will tell you what your cat is thinking. The Playroom, on the other hand, is like a training room for cats, that can make your pet improve its strength, agility and intelligence.

As usual, multiplayer mode allows for sharing of different items with friends.


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